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Angina-A Painful Reminder

Neprinol-Angina Therapy 

Angina is pain in the chest, typically caused by a lack of oxygen to the vital heart tissues. While the pain caused by Angina is very severe, it is not an actual disease, but rather an indicator of atherosclerosis in the coronary arteries.  This serves as the body's way of signaling a potential heart attack. Angina occurs when the heart muscle (myocardium) signals for more blood, however, the coronary arteries are unable to supply the blood. This may cause victims to experience symptoms of angina while engaged in physical activity, such as swimming, running, lifting heavy objects, to the smallest excitement of the heart while eating a large meal.


In the US, it is estimated that there are nearly 7 million people who have angina pectoris, with an estimated 350,000 new cases documented each year. While angina is more typical with males, females do suffer from angina as well.  Typically angina symptoms are merely a warning sign of a greater looming cardiac event. While not typically seen as lethal, angina does claim the lives of nearly 1,000 people annually in the US.


Each one of us has a thin layer of fibrin covering our blood vessels. In normal immune response, there is a natural equilibrium between fibrin synthesis (creation) and decomposition within our bodies.  This means that in a healthy individual, the body does not replace more fibrin than what is destroyed.  For angina sufferers, this balance is disturbed, causing a larger fibrin response than necessary, which causes fibrin deposits to build and blood vessels to narrow.  As the blood vessels become less equipped to handle adequate blood supply to the heart, the painful symptom can become angina.


Neprinol-Angina Enzyme Therapy

Neprinol is an advanced enzyme formula, when used with proper diet, will help to remove the excessive culprits of angina from the coronary arteries:  fibrin and lipids.  As we age, our bodies stop producing our natural proteolytic enzymes, and we find ourselves with a lifetime of fibrotic buildup, without the essential natural defenses we once had.  By adding Neprinol, angina is combated by supplementing crucial proteolytic enzymes to the body, making it better equipped to break down the excessive fibrin and lipid buildup associated with angina.

Neprinol's formulation includes key enzymes mixtures of nattokinase, serrapeptase, bromelain, and papain.  This important enzymatic formulation stimulates fibrinolysis, or fibrin breakdown, and increases overall blood flow, which allows symptoms of angina to decrease, swelling of the arteries to reduce and fibrin deposits to safely dissolve.  By adding Neprinol, angina sufferers can find a safe and highly effective remedy for long term heart health.


It is important that individuals drink plenty of water when taking Neprinol.  Angina symptoms are a painful warning sign for overall heart health, so do your heart a favor by taking nepriol.  Angina should not dictate your happiness or lifestyle.

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