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Neprinol relieves arthritis pain and inflammation
By Dr. Theodore R. Herazy
Peyronie's Disease Institute

Arthritis is a medical term that comes from the Greek, meaning joint inflammation.  Some arthritis is temporary and mild as when it starts from slight local injury, and heals on its own.  Temporary arthritis is not usually a problem.  In the more advanced and longstanding kinds of arthritis, found in over 66 million American arthritis victims, pain is most often uncontrollable. This chronic arthritis can occur in any joint, but most affect the harder working or larger joints of the body - hip, spine and low back, knee, shoulder, feet and fingers. Common findings in all types of arthritis are fibrous tissue infiltration that causes stiffness and loss of joint movement, and build up of cellular debris and a wide spectrum of complex proteins from the inflammation process that causes pain. 

There are over 100 diseases that lead to arthritis complaints.  The most common form of arthritis is "osteoarthritis", or as it is sometimes called "wear and tear arthritis", starts as a result of heavy or repeated use of a body part or serious injury.  The second most common is rheumatoid arthritis, caused by an exaggerated autoimmune response in the body that causes the body to react abnormally to its own protein and allow the immune system to attack itself; it has been called the "crippling arthritis".  All types of arthritis share the common findings of inflammation, joint destruction, and soft tissue changes that cause pain and limited movement. 

Arthritis is a huge problem that does not have a good medical solution, as any sufferer knows.  In 2004 over 39 million physician visits occurred because of arthritis complaints, and resulted in more than a half million hospitalizations. Arthritis costs the U.S. economy more than $86.2 billion annually.  The really startling statistic is that all of these numbers continue to rise every year because the drug industry is unable to arrive at a good solution for this problem.  Arthritis is a problem for the patient, as well as for the doctor treating it because of typically poor clinical results.

Neprinol AFD relieves arthritis pain
Although there are many causes for arthritis, all arthritis presents a very similar picture of complaints: pain, limited movement, swelling, tenderness to slight pressure, and loss of healthy tissue in and around the joint.  While there is no reliable drug therapy for arthritis, with the introduction of systemic enzyme therapy a marvelous method to treat this problem naturally has been developed. A unique and powerful combination of systemic enzymes in Neprinol AFD has been clinically proven to fight the pain and inflammation that are common to all types of arthritis.  But that is not the exciting benefit of this revolutionary product.  The most amazing health benefit is that Neprinol AFD can help the body to reverse and heal many of the joint and soft tissue changes that are part of the arthritic disease process. 

Often we attempt to control arthritis pain by taking common over-the-counter Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory (NSAID) pain medication, like aspirin.  But this makes the problem worse because the cause of the arthritis is not addressed by aspirin, or any medication for that matter, so the pain continues.  The more inflamed and painful the area becomes, the more pain continues, and the more medication that must be taken. After a short while the NSAIDs become useless in relieving significant pain, and eventually the prolonged and high doses become toxic to the major organs of the body.   Soon the arthritis patient discovers two things: 

1.      NSAIDs only provide minor temporary pain relief while allowing the original arthritis problem to become larger.

2.      There has been significant and widespread loss of the body's ability to repair itself, and additional health problems have developed as side-effects from the heavy and frequent use of NSAID medication. 

Arthritis medication not a good answer
MDs attempt to treat symptoms of arthritis with a wide variety of prescription medications, such as Celebrex, Vioxx, Flexeril, Bextra, Robaxin, etc., but they all cause secondary problems called side-effects.  Sometimes these side-effects are worse than the original complaint for which the drug was taken, and sometimes these side-effects can be life threatening by damaging the liver, kidney, muscles, brain, and other organs.  It is just because of these serious side-effects that many arthritis drugs have been taken off the market recently, leaving the arthritis patient without any help.  Even if a person can tolerate the side-effects and complications of the prescribed medication, it is soon realized that any relief gained from the medication is only temporary. 

Neprinol AFD doesn't mask pain, it helps the body to heal and repair
Systemic or whole body enzymes such as those found in Neprinol AFD have been shown to support and stimulate the immune system, increase the rate of cellular repair, stop pain by reducing inflammation, increase blood circulation throughout the body to improve supply of nutrients to damaged arthritic tissue, as well as remove toxic waste products from these same areas.  With this proven ability of Neprinol AFD to assist so many different critical functions, the body is better able to heal and repair previously irritated and inflamed tissue around arthritic joints.  In this way, Neprinol AFD not only helps the arthritis victim feel better, Neprinol AFD helps the arthritis victim to be better in many ways. 

Neprinol AFD offers new hope to arthritis sufferers
The systemic enzyme therapy of Neprinol AFD actually offers the same benefits to the arthritis patient as taking muscle relaxers with pain relievers.  Systemic enzyme therapy is in no way immediate, or as a replacement for what are now being classified as coping drugs.  The major benefits of taking Neprinol AFD systemic enzyme supplementation along with prescribed medication are two-fold:

1.      Prescription medication will enable the body to temporarily ignore arthritis pain, while the enzymes in Neprinol AFD synergistically accomplish the very same thing, but it also stimulates the immune system to increase cellular repair. It is not uncommon for a patient to note that after just a few days of Neprinol AFD treatment with prescribed pain medication that there are longer periods of pain relief, and the ability to take fewer drugs.

2.      Later, with continued use of both prescribed medication and Neprinol AFD, as the enzyme levels in the blood stream are kept at a high level, the arthritis sufferer may feel even less need less for prescribed medication, or perhaps even none at all.  Every case is different, of course, so in some severe cases of arthritis pain medication may still required, but even these cases notice that less is needed than before starting Neprinol AFD therapy.

Don't deprive yourself of the miraculous benefits of systemic enzyme therapy.  Try a bottle of Neprinol AFD and see what you have been missing - maybe it will be your pain.


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