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Neprinol Case Study Hyperinsulinemia

Study Subject: 26 y/o old Female graduate student. Recently diagnosed with Hyperinsulinemia. Subject is also overweight and complains of chronic fatigue. Patient has been following an appropriate diet and has been engaged in regular exercise for the past 6 months - but is frustrated with lack of results.


Initial Visit

Subjective: Perceived blood sugar problems, chronic fatigue, overweight, sleep problems (staying asleep and also always falling asleep during the day), chronically depressed.

Objective: Labs showed Low blood Glucose, high Tryglycerides, high Cholesterol, Low HDL, low Serum Phosphorous levels. Digital Video Blood Microscopy showed slightly raised poikilocytes & some protein polymerization (oxidative stress).

Treatment: 3 Neprinol capsules, four times daily - between meals.


2 Month Follow-Up Visit

Subjective: Significant improvement in perceived blood sugar levels, less fatigue, no significant weight loss, improved sleep & not falling asleep during the day as often. Not depressed all the time.

Objective: Labs showed slightly high blood Glucose, slightly high Tryglycerides, slightly high Cholesterol, Slightly low HDL and normal serum Phosphorous levels. Digital Video Blood Microscopy showed some protein polymerization.

Treatment: 3 Neprinol capsules, four times daily - between meals.


4 Month Follow-Up Visit

Subjective: No perceived blood sugar problems, almost normal energy levels, lost 8 lbs in body-fat, almost normal sleep patterns and rarely falls asleep during the day. Feels more confident!

Objective: Lab values normal! Digital Video Blood Microscopy was normal.

Treatment: 3 Neprinol capsules, four times daily - between meals.


6 Month Follow-Up Visit

Subjective: Continues to have no perceived blood sugar problems, mostly normal energy levels, sleeps well, cannot remember when last feel asleep during the day, has lost a further 12 lbs of body-fat is no longer overweight. Very happy and feels she has a renewed chance in life!

Objective: Labs were all still within range. Digital Video Blood Microscopy was normal.

Treatment: 2 Neprinol capsules, twice daily - between meals.

Lab Test Values (Blood) for Neprinol Case Study Hyperinsulinemia


Lab Test

Initial  Visit

2 Month Visit

4 Month Visit

6 Month Visit


Normal Values:

30 - 150 mg/dl


177 mg/dL

157 mg/dL

144 mg/dL

125 mg/dL


Normal Values:

130 - 200 mg/dL

232 mg/L

206 mg/L

198 mg/L

187 mg/L

HDL Cholesterol

Normal Values:

40 - 90 mg/dl

31 mg/dL

39 mg/dL

44 mg/dL

61 mg/dL

Blood Glucose

Normal Values:

65 - 115 mg/dl

61 mg/dL

65 mg/dL

71 mg/dL

73 mg/dL


Normal Values:

2.5 - 4.5 mg/dL

2.4 mg/dL

2.8 mg/dL

3.0 mg/dL

2.9 mg/dL

Initial Visit
Slightly raised poikilocytes & some protein polymerization (oxidative stress)
2 Month Follow Up
Some protein polymerization
NEPRINOL AFD 500 MG (Pharmaceutical Grade)

Suggested use based on moderate to severe conditions

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This case study was taken from a larger 6 month independent clinical study on Neprinol.. The study was carried out by Laurent Bannock DSc MApplClinNutr MNutrMed(cand) at the Santa Fe Centre for Nutritional Medicine, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA ( As well as running a thriving Nutritional Medicine & Clinical Nutrition Practice, Laurent Bannock is also Professor of Applied Clinical Nutrition for the International Institute for Clinical Nutrition ( Dr. Bannock is the author of several academic and professional reference books including "Applied Clinical Nutrition" (IICN Press, 2002, UK) "Clinical Human Nutrition" (IICN Press, 2001, UK), and "The Nutritional Medicine Desk Reference" (due for release in 2006).

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