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Devacor ADS Advanced Digestive Support

Proper digestion is a prerequisite for optimal health. Unless digestive physiology is in order, no other self-regulating or self-healing systems are able to perform in normal states. Devacor ADS by Arthur Andrew Medical is the best choice for maintaining optimal digestion. Since immune function first requires effective digestion, the obvious first course of action in an immune dysfunction would be to support effective digestion. Our immune systems can be viewed as a cohesive network of tireless workers, constantly screening our cellular boundaries, to maintain both an internal quality control operation, and a strategic defense system. Devacor ADS is the natural first aid in adjunctive nutritional support. Experience the health benefits of improved digestion.  Experience Devacor ADS.  Devacor uses a revolutionary 2 stage digestive process.  First adding digestive acids to break down food and bacteria then, after gastric emptying occurs Potassium and Sodium Bicarbonate is released alkalizing the digestive tract for optimal absorption.

Devacor ADS can be used safely in patients with known sensitivities to beef, pork, or pineapple, unlike other commonly used digestive aids. Devacor ADS supplements the individual's own secretions of pancreatic enzymes, allowing for more complete digestion of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. 1) Amylase digests carbohydrates. 2) Protease digests proteins. 3) Lipase digests fat. All of the above enzymes require an alkaline pH for maximum activity. To insure that a sufficiently alkaline medium is present, sodium and potassium bicarbonates (normal components of pancreatic juices) have been added in the correct physiological ratio of 2:1. Devacor ADS is a natural product, to replace or augment food factors that may be missing from the diet. Its physiological effects do not constitute a treatment for any serious disease condition.

Clinical Considerations:

The Bromelain, Papain, Betaine and Glutamic Acid HCI all work on the digestion of proteins. Bromelain attacks the long chain polypeptides of the proteins ingested, and breaks them down via hydrolysis to shorter chain peptides. These peptides are subsequently hydrolyzed by Papain, into basic amino acids or lower molecular lower weight peptides. The Betaine and Glutamic Acid HCI act to create the proper pH environment for the other enzymes as digestants. Additionally, these two act as acids and aid in the hydrolysis reactions on proteins, fats and starches.

Dosage: Take one or two capsules before meals. Devacor is 100% natural product used to replace or augment food factors that may be missing from the diet.

WARNING: Do not take this product without the consent of your physician if you are currently taking anti-coagulants (or if you are pregnant or lactating as these test groups have not been clinically studied).  These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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