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The precise cause of Peyronie's Disease remains unknown.  It is characterized by a plaque, or hard lump, that forms on the penis.  Many doctors believe it is the result of some sort of acute trauma suffered to the pelvic region.  When an injury occurs, fibrin is deposited around the wound in the form of a mesh, which dries and hardens, so that bleeding stops. Fibrin is developed in the blood from a soluble protein, fibrinogen.  The result of these symptoms can cause a host of other problems, ranging from pain, inflammation and ED (erectile dysfunction).   Men with Peyronie's disease usually seek medical attention because of painful erections and difficulty with intercourse. Since the cause of the disease and its development are not well understood, doctors treat the disease empirically; that is, they prescribe and continue methods that seem to help. The goal of therapy is to keep the Peyronie's patient sexually active, however, much of the time these treatments are ineffective.   
 The ONLY Clinically Studied Oral Enzyme on the Market 

Neprinol Endorsed by the Peyronie's Disease Institute

Neprinol AFD

The Downside of Surgery
This method of treatment has only had limited success.  There are two types of surgeries for correcting PD, which we have listed below:

Option 1:  Removal or expansion of the plaque, in which a patch of skin or artificial material are used to cover the area.  The negative aspect of this surgery, not including invasive surgery, is the potential loss of erectile function, such as rigidity. 

Option 2:  Also known as the "Nesbit Procedure," this operation involves the removal or pinching of tissue from the side of the penis opposite the plaque, which cancels out the bending effect. This procedure, however, may cause a shortening of the penis when erect. 

Both options are highly invasive, while the benefits are not guaranteed.  Today, there is far more safe and effective way of treating Peyronie's.

Injection-Based Therapies:  Sound Safer Than They Are
Also available, are injection-based therapies, in which the pharaceutical agent is injected directly into the penile plaque.  Though some of these agents have shown some success in lessening penile curvature, the side-effects of these injections can cause irreperable harm, including, but not limited to:  

 -Irreversible ED (erectile dysfunction)

-Penile Rupture

-Increased Pain

-Increased Inflammation

"I had suffered from PD (Peyronie's Disease) for 15 years.  I had visited numerous urologists, all to no avail.  My symptoms were quite severe (extreme curvature with a hard plaque nodule).  My urologists recommended I look into taking Neprinol, as many of his patients were recommending it.  I followed a 3 capsule 2x daily regimen for 6 months.  Gradually, the plaque nodule dissolved, and with it went the curvature and painful erections.  I'm not sure I can fully describe how grateful I am to have found Neprinol, as it restored me to my normal stature, and alleviated the embarassment I had suffered for so long."

Jim S.- OH


Neprinol Can Help

Now there is a non-invasive and effective way to eliminate Peyronie's Disease.  Neprinol AFD, the most potent and effective systemic oral enzyme on the market, has helped relieve many Peyronie's symptoms.  Neprinol gives new hope to those who suffer daily, and gives a cost-effective and harmless alternative to surgery.  Within just weeks after taking Neprinol, Peyronie's sufferers have noticed a major reduction in pain and inflammation due to Neprinol's key ingredients. 

A cross-section of the penis (left) displays the internal cavity that runs the length of the penis and is divided into two chambers (corpora cavernosa) by a vertical connecting tissue known as a septum. It is believed that, during trauma such as bending, bleeding might occur at a point of attachment of the septum to tissue lining the chamber wall (center). The bleeding results in a hard scar, which is characteristic of Peyronie's disease. The scar reduces flexiblility on one side of the penis during erection, leading to curvative (right).

 Neprinol Enzyme Activity vs. Other Enzyme Brands 

The damaged area might heal slowly or abnormally for two reasons: repeated trauma and a minimal amount of blood flow in the sheath-like fibers. In cases that heal within about a year, the plaque does not advance beyond initial inflammation. In cases that persist for years, the plaque undergoes fibrosis, or formation of tough fibrous tissue, and even calcification, or formation of calcium deposits made up of proteins in the form of fibrin, muscle cells, and red blood cells. Neprinol contains proteolytic (protein digesting) enzymes as its active ingredients.  These enzymes counteract the fibrosis in the Peyronie's fibrotic plaque. The unique enzyme blend contained in Neprinol is composed of the most powerful proteolytic enzymes in the world. Neprinol can digest this protein when taken at the "fibrosis origination dose," helping you to achieve straightening and lengthening within a few months.  The primary enzymes in NEPRINOL® are nattokinase and serrapeptase, accompanied by CoEnzyme Q10 and other enhancing nutritional elements, that act to break down foreign fibrous tissue wherever it is detected in the body - such as in the fibrous nodule of scar tissue that is the basic problem in Peyronie's disease.   There has not yet been formal research for the clinical use of nattokinase and serrapeptase in PD.  However, there are abundant favorable research reports with similar health problems that also have a fibrous tissue component, such as: uterine fibroids, fibrocystic breast disease, pulmonary fibrosis, hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis), carpal tunnel syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis.  These conditions all present  similar tissue pathology, and this is often sufficient clinical justification to use medical treatment in related conditions.   

 Nattokinase- The Key To Peyronie's Plaque Delivery 
 The importance of Nattokinase is of utmost importance.  Without the addition of the this unique and crucial enzyme, other enzymes are unable to penetrate the plaque itself.  Due to Neprinol's addition of the most cardiovascularly advanced enzyme, Neprinol serves as the othly enzymatic product capable of reaching the Peyronie's plaque.  Nattokinase is the crucial enzyme for ultimate delivery to the affected areas of PD fibrotic plaque.  Many formulas tout Serrapeptase as the most effective enzyme, however, this is only partially true, as both enzymes are necessary to fight fibrotic plaque effected by erectile dysfunction.
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Don't allow Peyronie's Disease to dictate your lifestyle.   Don't endure the stress, agony and side-effects of surgery, and try a proven non-invasive alternative.  Call today to speak to an experienced consultant about using Neprinol, you'll be happy you did.  

 Call 888.436.0966 today to speak to a specialist to find out if Neprinol is the right choice for you.*

*Consult your physician before taking Neprinol if you are on prescription anti-coagulants.  Combination of Neprinol with these drugs is not recommended.
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