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 100% Pharmaceutical Grade Serrapeptase 
Serretia Pure Serrapeptase

Attention: Serracel has a new name and look! Serracel is now called Serretia, and is 10,000 SPU's stronger per dose, offering 250,000 SPU's per gram. If you liked Serracel, you will love Serretia--same great product with a new look.

Did you know Serrapeptase is one of the world's finest natural decongestants? Serrapeptase has been clinically shown to decrease sputum viscosity as well as reduce nasal secretions and obstructions. Serrétia is an excellent choice for promoting healthy sinus activity during cold and flu season. Serrétia is also the perfect addition to ice for the further reduction of swelling from sports injuries and invasive procedures. This amazing enzyme is an excellent complement to Neprinol, boosting its pain relieving properties and speeding recovery times.

Originally discovered in the intestine of silkworms, the proteolytic enzyme Serrapeptase is harnessed by Arthur Andrew Medical through the isolation of the microorganism, Serratia E-15.  Serrapeptase’s inherent ability to digest dead tissue enables the enzyme to successfully aid in degenerating scar tissue, cysts, blood clots, arterial plaque and allows for more fluid and natural blood flow throughout the body.

Serrétia has a variety of different benefits that may help with the following:

  • Sport injuries
  • Promote healthy sinus activity
  • Promote free joint mobility
  • Muscle tears and pulls
  • Surgical recovery
  • Normal fluid retention such as swelling

Acid Armor® vs Enteric-Coating

For years there has been a belief circulating that serrapeptase and other systemic enzymes will be destroyed by acid in the stomach if they are not protected. According to the companies that circulate that belief, the only way to shield serrapeptase from destruction is to use enteric coated serrapeptase enzyme powder that is coated in plastics and other chemicals before they are encapsulated or enteric-coat the entire capsule. This is supposed to protect the enzymes from stomach acids and release them in the intestines. However, there is no clinical evidence or studies that truly supports this reasoning.

While it is true that certain enzymes, usually those derived from animals, become less active in very acidic environments, this is not true for enzymes derived from plant, fungal or microbial sources. In nature, these organisms use enzymes to break down and digest materials under a wide variety of conditions. Even when exposed to extreme pHs and temperatures, these organisms don't put an enteric coating on their enzymes; instead their enzyme systems have evolved to survive a wide range of different pH. Therefore, enteric coatings are only important (in theory) for animal-based enzymes that are naturally released in the digestive tract after the stomach, giving them a narrow pH range.

Some studies have even shown that enteric-coated enzyme powder may make a supplement less effective. In a series of third-party tests, products containing enteric-coated serrapeptase powder lost more activity than supplements using non-enteric-coated serrapeptase powder.


Instead of using any type of enteric-coated serrapeptase, the serrapeptase supplement Serretia® uses a different technology known as Acid Armor®. Acid Armor capsules are made of an extra-thick layer of cellulose (the main component of veggie caps) with a better-designed way of fitting the two sides of the capsules together, which limits leaking. Acid Armor capsules have also been designed to delay the release of the capsule's contents for up to an hour. When a product like Serretia® is taken on an empty stomach, the capsule enters and leaves the stomach in 30 minutes or less. This means that the Acid Armor provides more than enough time for the serrapeptase enzyme to get through the stomach and into the more "enzyme friendly" environment of the intestines.

In addition, serrapeptase capsules themselves do not cause the stomach to start producing acid when they are taken on an empty stomach. Acid production only occurs when the stomach fills up with food and its lining is stretched. Therefore any tests that supposedly "prove" the necessity of enteric-coated serrapeptase by exposing enzymes to extremely acidic environments for several hours do not accurately replicate actual, real-life conditions in an empty stomach!

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