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For years I suffered from the most severe varicose veins.  Every summer I dreaded going to the beach of fear that I would have to expose my legs.  In my case, severe varicose veins ran in my family.  The deep blue bulges were very unsightly, and my doctor recommended a costly laser treatment.  I tried Neprinol on a friend's recommendation, and within only a few weeks the bulges and discoloration on my legs were tremendously reduced.  After 6 short weeks, the veins were barely noticeable and I was eager to wear shorts for the first time in a VERY long time.

Kathy S.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Varicose Veins

Those who suffer from varicose veins are often quickly aware of their presence.  Many believe that there is little to be done about these unsightly nuisances, however, systemic enzyme therapy directly addresses the problem internally, allowing great hope to eradicate varicose veins.  Topical creams and gels have claimed to rectify the problem of varicose veins, but only with limited or no success.  Corrective laser surgery offers fair results, however, the high cost does not make it a viable option for most.  Invasive manual surgery is often risky, and can lead to scarring in the area.  Neprinol offers a non-invasive viable solution to varicose veins, with results rivaling that of surgical treatments.

What Are Varicose Veins?

These veins appear close to the skin's surface, and occur mainly in the superficial veins of the legs and its branches, but can also appear on the face, forearms and even hands.  Varicose, or  "spider veins", appear as bluish or purple web-like marks.  Varicose veins affect both men and women, but are most commonly found in women. These veins tend to bulge from the skin, and are often most visible when standing.


What Causes Varicose Veins?

Our circulatory systems cause blood to be forced to the extremities via the arteries, and in return, the veins return blood back to the heart.  These veins work like a one-way street using a system of valves, also known as cusps, which force blood from stopping or flowing in the other direction.  In the veins of our extremities, blood pressure is much lower than that of the arteries, due to the fact that the veins have very thin walls, and less muscle to move blood as effectively.  Thus, these veins are often not adequate to transport blood against the force of gravity.  When this occurs, these one way valves, or "cusps," often leak, causing blood to leak into the veins and accumulate in the form of varicose veins.


Are Varicose Veins Harmful?

Technically varicose veins are not harmful, however they are rather unsightly and can cause a great deal of self-consciousness.  Areas affected by varicose veins can often feel weaker and fatigued, and even sometimes ache.  These veins can often cause the lower leg and ankle to even itch.  On rare occasions, external bleeding can occur under the skin, as well as dermatitits or phlebitis.

Neprinol AFD and Varicose Veins

Neprinol works by addressing the presence of fibrin at the varicose vein sites.  It is the fibrin that causes these veins to become lumpy and hard. Neprinol's strong fibrinolytic activity breaks down these fibrin deposits and greatly helps restore better circulation to the area.  Working as a natural anti-coagulant, Neprinol, allows the blood to move easier through the veins allowing even the weakest of veins the ability to transport blood more efficiently. 

How Quickly Will I Notice Results?

Typical results vary due to the severity of the varicose veins, and the time needed to break down these fibrin deposits and restore circulation to the region.  The first signs of varicose vein reversal can often be seen within 2-3 weeks, as the bulges begin to subside and the bluish color begins to disappear. 

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