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 The Evolution of Enzymes Has Arrived 

What is Vostiq™?

Vostiq (pronounced “vah-steek”) is a multi-spectrum, systemic enzyme supplement containing a proprietary blend of enzymes that promote normal inflammatory responses to immune, circulatory and joint function.  As normal aging occurs, the bloodstream can become overloaded with pro-inflammatory particulates including toxins, undigested food, bacteria and fibrin; a blood clot-forming protein. The accumulation of these particles can cause a strain on the immune system and may influence the subsequent production of harmful inflammatory proteins that can influence joint stiffness or immobility and discomfort. While traditional drugs work by reducing or weakening the immune system, thereby reducing the ability to create inflammation, Vostiq uses enzymes that help cleanse the bloodstream of the very particulates that irritate immune function in the first place.  Vostiq simultaneously supports normal immune reactions and promotes cardiovascular health without diminishing the ability of the immune system to function normally. 

Vostiq includes certain systemic and inflammatory modulating enzymes, including: serrapeptase, bromelain, papain, lipase, and amylase with the addition of antioxidants like curcumin, rutin, and amla, which help cleanse the body of dead cells, oxidized proteins, lipids, toxins and fibrin.  Based on extensive laboratory studies, the components of Vostiq demonstrated the ability to promote normal levels of fibrin and other circulating immune complexes (CIC’s) (i, ii, iii, iv, v). With regular use, Vostiq is an excellent way to guard against joint flare-ups, to promote ordinary joint mobility, and to support normal blood viscosity and coagulation factors.

 Balanced Inflammation 

Inflammation, or the movement of cells and fluid into tissues, is an important protective response to infection, injury and healing.  Inflammation causes the redness, soreness, and swelling that is associated with this fluid buildup.  When balanced, inflammation is a key factor in allowing our immune system to work properly[i]


However, when inflammation proceeds without control, or is unbalanced, it can also worsen and cause a whole host of problems.  The natural aging process typically leads to prolonged or self-perpetuating inflammation that can impact organ function, and may exacerbate a number of other complications.  For these reasons, inflammation is often referred to as the “double-edged sword of the immune system” – not enough inflammation leads to an ineffective immune system, while excessive amounts trigger widespread damage and worsen everyday aches and pains6,[ii],[iii].  While many products exist to either stimulate or suppress the immune system, Vostiq is unique in that it supports the immune system by eliminating many of the blood-borne contaminates that aggravate or trigger the production of white blood cells and other biological immune-protecting processes.   

 Systemic Enzymes - the Benefits without the Side Effects  

Systemic enzymes may promote normal viscosity of fluids associated with inflammation and support normal levels of proteins associated with everyday aches and pains. 

Unlike COX-2 inhibitors, systemic enzymes support a healthy immune response without causing significant side effects. In contrast to enzymes that break down components of food in the stomach, systemic enzyme supplements are often designed for absorption in the upper intestine, and partly by the lymphatic system. Once they are absorbed, they can be circulated directly to tissues and organs throughout the body via the bloodstream.

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[1] Meletis CD, Barker JE. Therapeutic enzymes: using the body's helpers as healers.

Alt Comp Ther. 2005:74-77.

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*These statements or claims have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  For all conditions or illnesses, see a healthcare professional for a full evaluation, diagnosis and treatment plan.

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